Monday, 23 January 2012

day 11 and 12. Flame in the fog (Auckland)

The whole trip is part of my runaway scheme after dealing with messy year of 2011. This log will be the wrap of my New Zealand trip. Tho, I am not sure if I should log this one, because since I arrived in Auckland I got all the internet access and I posted mostly on this log.

Day 11. 31.12.11

It's New Year Eve. Woke up so late and bumped to Y just outside her hotel (again). The fog still there with on and off rain we walked downtown. She said she wants to see the Museum, I never knew she likes museum as past few years of trip whenever I offered her museum she always refused. Well I guess people's interest can change, evidently I am not much into museum anymore, I like visiting art exhibition better than museum. Then I said that I wanna see the art gallery first. So we went to art gallery, lucky today is free fee entry.

F@¢k yeah

As we walked out, she hand over a map to me and say, "this is the museum, I'm bad with map, can you take me there?". Errr.... that museum is actually very close to where I am staying, LOL. So I walked her there and say I'll pick her up for the dinner and fireworks later around 6 pm. After dropping her at museum I walked back to city to post some of the postcards. I just realised that I should have post them in the blue box instead of the red ones... zzz. the blue one for international mail, means it skip all of the domestic mail processing. Sorry guys, some of my cards might just arrived late and will not be in sequence. The rest of the day was just dinner and fireworks I posted on Day 12.

Day 12. 01.01.12

New Year and the trip back to sydney, I posted this one here. ***

Entrance to the Art Galery

Still foggy :(

Their main road, Queen St

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