Saturday, 14 January 2012

day 7. set fire to the sky (Queenstown to Twizel)

So dead tired today, I forgot to post the blog, no energy, still on bed. I had good time with my good friend last nite, drinking for her birthday, nearly had no energy even to get on to the bus home. but anyhoo...

Day 7. 27.12.11


After six days on public transport and driving and bus riding for almost over 3500km with late night sleeps and I chat with people in the dorm then trouble sleeping as I dislike the time after sun comes down and everything is dark outside, eventually I was drop dead tired. I told Y that I'd like to wake up late and have my own day and simply do nothing but walking around downtown Queenstown or just sitting by the lake Wakatipu. She agreed and let me off, she choose to do another cruise to the farm where she can actually touch those farm animal without the animal grumpy attitude, LOL.


I checked out in the morning and drop my stuffs in the car then walking around to get some postcards, stamps, having brunch and sit by the lake only to write several postcards. Still not finished writing the postcards, Y finished her cruise and wanting some Patagonia chocolate, so I joined her and write more postcards and did my quick post there. From here we're heading towards twizel. We made a few more stops starting from Arrowtown, some random interesting spots, Omarama (only to buy pie and refuel), then Twizel to check in. From there we're checking out lake Tekapo and trying to capture the sunset. Sky was so pretty as if you burn them red.

It's been two and half months and I'm still scared of dark as it always brings back memories. I rushed back to the motel. Y asked "what's the speed limit here?". "err... 100" I replied. "aren't you kinda driving too fast?" she asked. "yeh, we're chasing the sun, I dun like driving in the dark in strange place, and I've seen no police nor camera on the way here, besides I'm following a local driver ahead of us". Well, I kinda drive this 7 years old tiny car like a sports car at 160kph, it took a while to pick up the speed tho, but it's a manual car, I can just juice it up, "right jucy-blue?" ***

@ Queenstown : I started the walk here

@ Queenstown : need my protein intake

@ Queenstown : managed to capture this flying seagull while writing post cards

@ Queenstown ; Y wrote me a postcard, yay...

Arrrived back in Arrowtown

Where to go from here

hmm... can't remember this place name

near northburn

Lindis valley

Lindis valley

church, lake tekapo, almost sunset

sunset, lake tekapo, looks like fire in the sky, you don't get this kinda sunset everyday


  1. seriously - nice postcard-perfect pics :)

  2. EXACTLY!! POSTCARDS!! I will seriously buy from you! especially the third from the bottom.. Just makes my hair stand seeing how lovely the pictures are.. Can i save some of your photos as a wallpaper?? =P

  3. so jealous la... benci benci benci!! lollllllll

  4. the place that you forgot the name is: Roaring Meg :)

  5. @ akaMike : thanks :D I should start selling to postcards company yah

    @ CK : I'll print u one and post it to you yah, email me your address

    @ tuls : no need to benci benci le, love me love me can?

  6. @ miss jalan-jalan : thanks for the correction, haha, yah meg ryan roaring :D



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