Thursday, 5 January 2012

day 2. where's my shoes?

Day 2, 22.12.11. Christchurch, Springfield, Castle Hill, Arthur's Pass, Hokitika, Franz Joseph

I rendezvous with Y the night before, she's been here for four days by now. Still confused with the bus route, I had to pick up the car from Jucy near the cargo terminal airport very early in the morning. I thought I could use route 14 but there's none coming so I walked to city and get bus 10 only to find out that I still have to walk another 1.2 km from the stop to get to Jucy rent car [blind without bus map] but I guess the transport system had gone mess up after the earth quake a year ago. Having a car with us, we decided to drive to Arthur Pass, Hokitika, then spend the night in Franz Joseph. Y will shout asking me to stop every now and then, i can't blame her tho because I want to stop too, :D . here's some pics which explains why we would stop and the pics on the following posts from now on. Everytime we stop I took off my shoes [just to jump into the water] and she put on hers instead, but when returning to the car I put on my shoes and she took off hers. She had this fear that she lost one of her shoes and yelled at me "Dude, where's my shoes? oh there they are", peeking behind my seat.

So, let me introduce you, this is "the-jucy-blue", sorry Y, I can't pick red color with the car rent, but our luck is getting better and better as we drove "jucy-blue" around.

this is blue, tiny car but quiet powerful

marshmallow santa, given by grandpa in canterbury house as I left their house

and here're the pictures from places we stopped. First stop was springfield, weather a bit cloudy in the morning but we met "it's shaun the sheep" sheep, LOL. Then we move to castle hill national park, some random places we stop, then Arthur's pass, Hokitika, then rush all the way to Franz Joseph as the night falls.


It's shaun the sheep

some random stop

first encounter of angus cows, they are so furious for some reason

Castle Hill national park

climb the rock

the hugging bear rock

Arthur's Pass from far away

Lupin field, clear translucent water, blue sky, what's missing is the rainbow

taken with Y's Canon 7D because I'm holding my own camera

The angry cow (right after we left Hokitika)


  1. NZ! Bet you have the usual shot if lying dwn on the empty highway?

  2. actually no, I had that thought but then after seeing trucks with cattle and some cattle crossing the road, I wouldnt even want to imagine what kind of stuffs dropped on these highway, LOL



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