Monday, 23 January 2012

day 10. and the sky's crying (Auckland)

Happy Chinese New Year everyone... ^^. Hope everyone have a prosperous year :D

I have this post drafted sometime ago but I surrendered to my procrastination in picking up the photos knowing that the pics aren't as nice as south islands posts.

day 10. 30.12.11

After long night suffocated in the crampy dorm, I woke up very very early on the next day. Outside is poring rain, waiting for a bus made me look like a hitch-hiker now. Taking intercity ride from Rotorua to Auckland, the cloud and rain dont seem to go anywhere. I can't even be bothered to pull out my camera, not even my iphone to take pictures. I used to like raining knowing that I like to smell the fresh soil after the rain. But not in the past few months, I hate raining, it's just gloomy and negate my happy level. I stoned most of the trip whilst Y babling, not that I complain tho, I mean I am unstopable when I'm stoning.

It was heavy rain as soon as the bus arrived at Auckland Tower. I had to run in the rain with big backpack at the back and small one at the front as I don't have raincoat nor umbrella with me. I want to keep the camera stays dry. Still craving for asian food. Y saw this Japanese fine dining so we shelter there as we eat I managed to get online and check a few msgs.

After the meal, the rain stops, I walked Y to find her hotel then I kept walking further to reach my backpackers. I reached 146 K road backpackers, little that I realised this is the road where gay guys are hanging out, similar to Oxford street in sydney-surryhills-darlinghurst. I got the three bed mix dorm all for myself, so big, so much air flow, so less suffocated. But I just learnt that I am allergic to certain fabrics in this place. Any skin that are exposed to the bedsheet had rashes everywhere. I thought it was just me, but I couldnt be bothered and grab my camera and start walking down the city. Thick cloud still hanging, I bumped at Y outside her hotel, we didn't even make a plan to meet up. Since that was coincidental, we roamed around the city together.

Later at night, the rashes is back. I pulled out the bedsheet and trying to find a bed bug, just in case. But there's none, the matress is brand new. I spread some of my shirts and cover the pillow with my shirt then trying to sleep. That night, I slept alone, sadness start pouring in. I took my laptop and gone online. One of the guy I know of suddenly msg me and wanting to go skype. So I did, at least I won't be alone till my bed time.

Looking back, I dun like Auckland, I dun like Sydney, I dun like big cities. I like big open space with blue sky, I like old an ancient towns where people are more friendly-er. I wrote more postcards to send my friends around the world, I even wrote one for Y. I thought to post it tomorrow.***

proper dine in

These metal lambs and pig are surprisingly expensive souvenir

The Viaduct, auckland tower is hiding beneath the fog

thought of getting one of these for snack, but seems too much


  1. you have gave us an impression that this blog is a more of a pic blog than ***! lol.. hahahahaha.. but yea!! so daring to put your pic!! good for you.. unlike me such a closeted cb.. anyway.. amatlah comel!! hahaha.. happy cny malimo!! muacks!!!

    1. hmm... maybe I should take it down... hahahaha... you're so fast le

    2. its really up to you sayang! hahahahaha.. anyway have fun in sydney la..

    3. aww... took it down... tho I have no problem people recognising me tho... haha (pardon my spelling is Australian with "s" rather than "z")

    4. lol... at least i get to see a clear pic!! hehe.. alah, bukan jer macam tak nampak from your blogger display pic!! lollllllllll

    5. Lucky meh, I dun think ooi2009 had a chance to see that pic that I took down, LOL

  2. lol, haha my blogger pic meh, ppl recognise me oledi then, too late to take things down

  3. ahahaha!!!! i guess it's cool to be able to put your pic openly :) Not everyone can do that yet you know? hehehe

    Baconator - love the name hahahahaha!!!!

    Not sure if you celebrate of not, but happy CNY nevertheless ;)



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