Tuesday, 10 January 2012

day 4. how much luck could one can have (Franz Joseph to Queenstown)

Day 4, 24.12.11.

We enroute to Queenstown. No restriction with time schedule except that we have to check in for Queenstown accomodation before 9pm. We made heaps and heaps more stops along the way because the scene is just getting pretty, prettier and much prettier. Have I say pretty oredi?

@ Franz Joseph downtown : YHA FJ

First stop is Peak view point. Capturing the cows picture and Fox Glacier from the distance. No wonder these beef taste nice, they have been living a happy life here…. helloo….!!! I'm number 743.  Turning back to Fox Glacier downtown, the drive is continued along Haast Hwy (SH6) and we ended up at bruce bay. It's been 4 days since Y keep asking me "Is this a dream…? tell me this is not a dream, I was like in the middle of downtown Singapore seven days ago and I still feel like this is a dream...". So I took a few of these white stone and ask her to pick them up from my palm for her to hold on to. See if it's gone, maybe it is just a dream. so like inception the movie, LOL. Then I stack the rest in about 30 seconds or so.

@ peak view point : baby cow, I wanna eat it, bbq, sashimi, yukke.... emm tongue grilled...

@ peak view point : they must have taste good, they live a happy life stress free with beautiful scenery

@ peak view point : one lone camera

@ bruce bay : look at the sky, so prettyyyyy.....

@ bruce bay : the stones that I gave to Y for her inception

Still on Haast Hwy, we turned at Lake Paringa. I like the place, so nice here. Continuing the drive to Knights point and Ship creek beach. I still can't get enough of gazing the blue sky with scratches could like painted in the sky. so damn pretty le…

@ knights point : still can't get enough of the sky

@ ship creek bay : on the way to sands

@ skip creek bay : more skies, more more

The next stop is blue pool. We had to go for about an hour walk from highway in order to get there. Water is pretty blue, wanting to take off my shirt and jumped till I saw this disturbing view. I really dun want to remember it. but it made me getting off the water after I soak myself about waist height in the water. zzz…

@ blue pool : trying to stack more pebbles

@ blue pool : sooo blue, soak myself waist height here

The last stop we made was some random location around Mount aspiring national park. where I saw this translucent river, I decided to climb down the cliff and soak my feet in it. It's freezing water, so damn freezing…

Arriving in Queenstown was around 9pm, after checkin in, it was rain like springkler, but guess what??? a Double rainbow, I have been saying it for two days on every ending of Y's wish to see list, "if only there's a rainbow". This is too much luck sort of. Over the rainbow, I was saying, a perfect sunset for the day would be good. And there' rainbow is gone sunset came when we're eating fish and chip by the lake.

After taking some pictures, we just enjoying the view and ended up having a serious talk as to where have we been in the past four years. After four days, Y noted to me that she has been accepted me for who I am long time ago but now she has a much better understanding of where I coming from.

Checking in Nomad backpackers, I crash myself into a four bed mix dorm. I'm staying with one chinese couple studying in Hamilton, and one french girl who has been here in New Zealand for one and half month. She decided to quit her job and gone travelling in south hemisphere, she picked South Island New Zealand in particular. It seems I am not the only one who is having issue and having to run away from home.

@ queenstown : double rainbow...???

@ Queenstown : sunset by the lake

PS: I've been smiling ear to ear since Arthur's Pass, I just wouldn't admit it to Y. In fact I been singing out loud since Bruce Bay and driving with open window at 120 kph [sometimes 160 chasing the sun], oh yes, that tiny car can run 160kph (took forever to pick up the speed tho, but it's manual car, I drove it like porsche)


  1. All the places are so blue! And breathtakingly beautiful!

  2. yah, feels like a dream specially if you live in big cities. I wanna go back in winter and see how different it is

  3. awesome awesome pics :D

    p.s. you drove the "real" MYVI hahaha!!!



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