Thursday, 12 January 2012

day 6. picking up a hitch hiker (milford sound)

OMG, I am supposed to write CV today, but I surrendered to my procrastination and do it half way and sleep all the way after work. Anyway, the blogging must go on. So 26.12 is a boxing day, not that people wearing boxer and start punching the opponent in a box. Historically people put back the unwanted Xmas gift in the box and give it away to someone else for boxing day gift.

Day 6, 26.12.11. Milford sound

We decided to leave the car in Queenstown and took a day tour to milford sound. Ian, the tour guide apparently has been doing the job for a very long years oredi. This island is just magical, the further we explore the more I amazed with the view. In addition we met this Canadian girl on the bus, Christine, she speaks indon very well to the point that I lost my indon vocabulary, haha, and I'm Indon. The bus enroute from Queenstown to Te Anau then Milford sound. we made a few small stops in some interesting places. And the highlights of the day is that along the way, Ian picked up a Switzerland-er hitch hiker, I think he's cute [in person]. if only he's gay… LOL, I dun mind to have a bf like him. here's some pics... ***

seagulls away from the ocean

Boat on Te Anau Lake

this is the stranded guy that Ian picked up along the way :D I'm too shy to talk to him le :(

@milford sound : ahead is tasman sea

captured this when the boat is closing to the rocks

rainbow over the water of milford sound


  1. What camera you use??
    Make postcards for me can ah?? So beautiful! Everyone on of them!

  2. I use a 5 years old Nikon D80 le, eh even the switzerland guy pic can make postcard meh? hahaha



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