Wednesday, 11 January 2012

day 5. the up and down the weather (Queenstown, Glenorchy, Arrowtown & Cardrona)

Day 5, 25.12.11.

I had this itchy feeling to buy that ridiculously cheap air fare Sydney-Amsterdam return (tax incl) for AUD 1035 for my april easter break backpacking… gah, my boss never reply my email, so i can't really buy it unless I know I can go. I been telling Seb about the ticket but still he's telling me not to go. He's worried if I am running away [again].

I am still stick with my plan to see mum in Indon on February but my regional flight plan still floating, nothing is fix yet. Y suddenly msg me today, asking about what kind of stamp will I put first on my next passport, LOL. After long discussion we narrow it down to two countries in Asia. I'm not gonna say it here now, I dun wanna jinx it yet. But we are looking into the possibility that she doesnt have to take more than one day leave and ticket is reasonably cheap as well. So anywhoo, I'm so looking forward to it.


Back to going south travel-log, Day 5 Queenstown. That pretty sunset ended day 4 perfectly for a christmas eve. I drove us to Gondola station right on the valley downtown of Queenstown. We started our day very early, and we took Gondola up to the hill of the Queenstown. Y did a paragliding while I just sit enjoying the view with my cup of coffee trying to take a picture as she took off from the cliff. Ten minutes had passed and she was nowhere taking off the cliff, I wondered what happened. She had cold feet once after seeing what happened with the person in front of her, the chute was clipped and had to abort the take off. dangerous...tsk tsk tsk. But she eventually gather herself and committed to it as she run towards the cliff and scream, LOL. I was like, "that's her, no mistake with that kind of scream". The view from up above is so pretty that we dun even wanna come down. We rode Luge up at the hill and then ride gondola downtown to get the car.

@ Queenstown : view from gondola station

@ Queenstown : managed to capture flying bee on lupin

@ Queenstown : Gondola station says "selamat datang"

@ Queenstown : that's my screaming Y, LOL

@ Queenstown, Lupin, Green field, Blue sky. I need rainbow...


Y said that her friends keep suggesting to go for Glenorchy and have a picnic lunch. So there we go, after so many pretty beautiful sceneries, my expectation is too high and a bit disappointed with Glenorcy view. It seems the place is simply overrated. Whoever this friend of Y, I dun think they've seen the right destinations before, LOL [no offence Y's friend]. I enjoy the drive there tho the weather begins to get gloomy. so we drove back downtown and split up to have our own time.

@ Blanket bay

@ blanket bay: blue is getting dirty

@ blanket bay : winding road, take me holiday....

Arrowtown & Cardrona

Later in the avro, we drove to arrowtown and to our surprise, this is one little surprise among of those good places that we never planned to go. But gloomy weather gives a different insight of this island like.

@ Arrowtown : old city

@ Arrowtown : Y been wanting to enter this shop, but it's Xmas, it's closed

It's Xmas, I have to take my reflection pic like last year with J

see that road, haha, I wanna drive sports car next time

@ Cardrona bus bully

Gloomy weather gives a different insight look of this island

more dot dot dor of sheep



  2. tuls, jump in le... hahaha
    if only I had a lot of spare time, really, I can sit there for hours and have my coffee just to enjoy the scenery



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